Over 30 Years experience
Welcome to Oceanic Resources International
For over three decades, we have been deeply immersed in the dynamic landscape of global freight forwarding, shipping, supply chain, and logistics industries. As a trusted recruitment partner, our mission extends far beyond filling vacancies; we are dedicated to fostering meaningful connections between companies and the talent that drives their success.
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Global Network of Professionals
Our extensive network of industry professionals spans from mid to senior levels and reaches across all major freight and logistics hubs worldwide. With the support of our experienced and dedicated team, we provide our clients with top-tier talent solutions tailored to their unique requirements.
Knowledgeable Navigators
In an industry filled with unique challenges, we stand out as knowledgeable navigators. We understand the scarcity of suitably qualified and experienced candidates, as well as the rising labor costs that many businesses face. Furthermore, we recognize the importance of retaining valuable employees in a fiercely competitive marketplace. Our recruitment approach is built on understanding and professional acuity.
Our key values
Oceanic Resources International is dedicated to facilitating meaningful connections between companies and the talent that drives their success. This implies a focus on building strong relationships and partnerships.
Flexible and personalised
The company offers flexible solutions, including both retained and contingent search options, highlighting their commitment to tailoring their services to meet the unique needs of employers and businesses.
Professional empowerment
We offer expert advice, industry insights, and exclusive access to managed assignments, demonstrating their commitment to empowering candidates in their career growth.
Diverse Range of Services
Oceanic Resources International has positioned itself as a committed partner with a genuine concern for the future success of its clients and candidates in the global logistics industry.
People-Centric Values
Our approach to recruitment is founded on understanding and professional expertise, showing a commitment to empathetic and insightful talent acquisition.